Health Through Sport Awards

Ball of Fire Award

The Alan Ball ‘Ball of Fire’ Award. What Alan Ball lacked in height he more than made up for in skill, determination and stamina. This boundless energy and drive helped Everton become the best team in the league in 1970, and gloriously in 1966, England the best team in the world.

The aim is to honour somebody recognised within a community as having outstanding qualities.

Someone who set goals and strove to achieve them. Someone who was steadfast and loyal.

Someone who cared for others and was loved in return. Someone for whom nothing was too much trouble.

Someone who appreciated the value of working hard. Someone who could be called a friend by all who knew him.

Jimmy Ball has kindly supported the award.

Corinthian Award

The Brian Labone ‘Corinthian’ Award. Founded in 1882, the Corinthians were a force to be reckoned with, although an amateur team, they regularly overcame the National Champions of the countries they visited.

Following one such tour, an opponent was so impressed by them after a match as to recall

‘I remember how they walked on to the field, spotless in their white shirts and dark shorts. Yet there was about them an air of casual grandeur, a haughtiness that was not haughty, which seemed intangible. And how they played!’

It was not only their skill that marked the Corinthians out from the rest however. They also exhibited an inherent sense of sportsmanship and fair play. Brian Labone embodied these Corinthian values. It is therefore, in his memory, that we are proud to present the Brian Labone ‘Corinthian’ Award to a person who, through their own efforts and example, can be seen as a role model for their community.